Chinese companies are not satisfied with the pace of work on CPEC

Syed AhadWeb Editor

16th Sep, 2021. 10:52 pm

Special Assistant to Prime Minister CPEC Khalid Mansoor has admitted that Chinese companies are not satisfied with the government departments and the pace of their work on CPEC.

In a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning, Chairman Saleem Mandviwala said that the Chinese ambassador had told him that nothing had happened to CPEC in three years, the CPEC fleet had been sunk.

Khalid Mansoor agreed with the chairman of the committee and said that the Chinese are unhappy with the National Highway Authority, the progress of work in Gwadar is not satisfactory, and the Chinese are not being repaid their previous investment due to revolving loan.

The chairman of the committee said that he would give a list of all the Chinese companies which were making complaints. He would call these Chinese companies in the next meeting. The Senate committee itself would visit Thar and Gwadar to review the plans.

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