Veon Group vows to support Digital Pakistan vision

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25th Nov, 2021. 01:17 pm
Veon Group

LAHORE: Kaan Terzioğlu, chief executive officer of VEON Group called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and reiterated the group’s full support towards the government’s #DigitalPakistan agenda, a statement said.

VEON, a leading global provider of connectivity and internet services, is embarking on a journey to be a world-leading digital operator with over 213.8 million subscribers in nine countries, including 71.9 million in Pakistan through its operating company, Jazz.

Kaan apprised the prime minister about Jazz’s investment in Pakistan, which has crossed $10 billion, including $560 million in the last two years alone on 4G network expansion, taking the total number of 4G users to 34.2 million.

During the meeting, Kaan also talked about the role Jazz is playing in improving the digital infrastructure, enhancing connectivity, investing in digital skills and literacy, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, and driving financial inclusion through JazzCash.

The prime minister valued the group’s commitment to Pakistan, including the sustainability initiatives that empower the young with digital tools and resources.

“The government launched the Digital Pakistan initiative to provide a platform to the youth and it is heartening to see [the] private sector companies like Jazz carry the mantle,” the PM said.

He also highlighted the key role mobile operators’ play in the country’s economic growth by bringing in foreign investment, fostering connectivity, and enabling other sectors to thrive.

“Pakistan is a key market for VEON, and we see tremendous growth potential as the country continues to implement its Digital Pakistan vision. To accelerate this and to encourage private sector investment in [the] broadband connectivity and network expansion, a forward-looking regulatory regime in line with [the] next generation connectivity requirements, and a policy framework facilitating innovative business models are needed,” VEON Group CEO Kaan Terzioğlu said.

Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim said: “Utilising our leadership position and global expertise, we are focused on creating a flourishing digital ecosystem in Pakistan. Constantly investing in expanding access to 4G to rural and semi-urban areas, and in innovating and adapting our digital services to become a digital lifestyle partner for our customers is at the core of this journey.”

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