Balcuh Twins

Baluch Twins, hailing from Lyari, are up-and-coming Pakistani singer songwriters that have garnered a wide audience across the nation. The popular music duo have been part of some major platforms like Nescafe Basement and Braadi Broadcast, whereas their music has also been nominated for several prominent awards. The two-piece band, comprising Adil and Asim Baluch, rose to fame after their song ‘Gharoli-Ghoom Charakhra’ became a hit.

Their music not only means to give importance to Baluchi music, but also give it a national platform, hopefully inculcating it within the mainstream music industry as an established genre. BOLD Desk had a chance to sit with the brothers and talk all about their musical journey, from origins to controversies.

Why drove you two to choose music as a career?

Music is very personal to us. Our father would sing to us too and that certainly inspired us. You could say that it runs in the family. We are so connected to music that we can sing non-stop as it gives us inner peace and happiness, for in this medium, we have the freedom to express ourselves openly.


What are you studying currently? Is it something related to the arts?

We graduated in Film Making from the University of Karachi with a distinction. Our music grew with us and as we matured, we realised that we did not like the commercial way of approaching things so we really wanted to opt for the arts since it gives one the liberty to express freely. When film making got a boost in Pakistan, we also thought to delve in the field and explore this rich medium. All these avenues such as music, film making, and photography, are closer to our hearts because we can encapsulate so much emotion in a single frame or a song, and travel back and forth through them. It’s very much a part of our existence.

Since there are many platforms through which a lot of up-and-coming musicians are gaining recognition, how many of these new opportunities were useful for you?

These platforms are of great help to musicians and all other creatives. Our first song was released through Braadri Broadcast and that not only give us exposure, but also recognition in the industry. In 2019, we participated in Nescafe Basement Season 5 that became another reason for our rise to fame. We also collaborated with Bigfoot Music to perform a ghazal. Apart from these, we have always tried to stay close to our fans and connect with them through social media platforms. The ones who can relate to our music or find some emotional attachment do end up sharing our work and this is how we garner love and respect.

Even though you were well-known singers, but after the PISA controversy, everyone was talking about your band. How difficult was it to get there (PISA nominations) and what were your feelings when you couldn’t attend?

We were already nominated in the Lux Style Awards so afterwards PISA also called us for nominations. As far as PISA is concerned, it has already been talked about a lot. Going to Dubai was not that difficult but we still can’t explain how emotionally involved we were in the process from the day we got nominated. We were excited to be surrounded by so many stars but unfortunately things did not fall in place.


Why you have named yourselves as Baluch twins? Who came up with this name?

When we went to Braadri Broadcast, Sikandar Mufti started calling us Baluch Brothers. This became our name for some time. It evolved when we did Nescafe Basement where people would call us Baluch Twins and it ended up sticking. It’s also our identity and we are glad that people gave us this name that we carry proudly.

What inspires you as youngsters to create music?

Every day is a new day for music. From anything to anyone can inspire us to create, write, and produce.

What is your creative process?


There is no specific formula; sometimes we note down the lyrics and then come back to it to organise whatever we jotted down. We also take notes according to the emotions of our songs. This comes naturally to us. However, we start with visualising the narrative we want, whereas lyrics and audio is our main focus while producing music.

Did you face any difficulties whilst making a name for yourselves in an already competitive music industry?

Hardships are there to make us grow and we take it positively. Hardships will always be a part of our lives. The only difficulty I would like to mention here is when we have to make people understand the other perspective of music. People don’t look at the arts the way it should be seen. There is a lot of effort that has been put in from our end to help grow as Baluch Twins.

Where do you aim to be in the next five years?

We see things categorically. We don’t overthink about the consequences, but instead try to live with the present. I will say that we do set targets for ourselves, to always aim for growth.

Any new album in the works or possibly releasing soon?


We are aiming to launch our solo album this year!

Do you practice music and singing daily?

We have now started practicing a lot more, ever since we finished our academics. With studies, it was very hard for us to manage both.

When it comes to other musicians, who inspires you the most?

We like all artists who freely express themselves. Every singer and musician is different from the other and that’s what makes them who they are. Their uniqueness and individuality is what people recognise. Every artist has different observation thus their expression is different.


What advice would you give to our readers?

Every artist should be supported regardless of their social media followers. Every artist has the potential to make it big, they just need support. This is how we think we should improve as a nation and love our artists and the work that they do. All should be loved and respected as they all work hard to be where they are.

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