How to View Someone’s Past Twitter Username

How to View Someone’s Past Twitter Username

How to View Someone’s Past Twitter Username

How to View Someone’s Past Twitter Username


Discovering someone’s previous Twitter account can serve various purposes, such as gaining insight into past interactions, verifying their identity, or reconnecting with old acquaintances. However, accessing this information can be challenging due to Twitter’s emphasis on user privacy and security.

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search Function

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to finding someone’s previous Twitter username using Twitter’s advanced search feature:

  1. Visit this link,, on a desktop or mobile browser.
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  3. In the “From these accounts” field, enter the person’s current Twitter handle, preceded by “@” (e.g., @wikitechlibrary).
  4. Leave other fields blank and click “Search” to view tweets just from that account.
  5. Scan your tweet history for references to or interactions with your old username.

This method is the most effective for swiftly filtering through the tweet history of a Twitter account. By scrolling through their past posts and conversations from previous years, you can uncover their previous usernames, assuming they haven’t deleted any tweets.

One requirement is that it necessitates a public Twitter account to function properly. Further suggestions are offered below for private accounts.


Ask Directly

If you’re unable to locate the individual’s previous Twitter username using the search function, you can also consider reaching out to them directly via direct message (DM) or through alternative means of communication.

Here are some tips for framing your request:

  • Be upfront about why you want to know their old username and how you intend to use that information.
  • Frame it as a personal request rather than a demand, using a polite and friendly tone.
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  • Provide context if you have a specific reason, like trying to reconnect with an old friend or colleague.
  • Respect it if they don’t feel comfortable sharing that information for privacy reasons.

They might be willing to share their previous username if you ask politely and explain your reasons, but ultimately, it’s their decision whether or not to disclose that information.

Network within the Twitter community

If the individual you’re searching for has a private account or is unwilling to share their old username directly, you can explore your existing connections on Twitter as an alternative option.


Here are the steps for networking within the Twitter community:

  1. Identify any mutual connections you share, such as friends, colleagues, or public figures you both follow.
  2. Politely ask those connections via DM if they recall or have records of the person’s old username.
  3. Search for those mutual connections’ tweets and likes for references to the person’s old handle.
  4. If you have no direct connections to the person, politely ask your followers via tweet or DM for any information they may have on the person from their previous identity.
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Utilizing the collective knowledge of other Twitter users may provide you with additional details, even if you don’t have direct access to the person’s tweets and account.

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Deal with private accounts

Accessing a person’s posting history and online connections is severely restricted if they have a private Twitter account that limits access to their tweets and profile information.

A few options for this method include:

  • Politely send them a follow-up request along with a message noting your intent and reasons for wanting to follow them.
  • Request mutual connections to vouch for you to get approved to access a private account.
  • Search for references to the person’s Twitter presence on other public sites like news articles, blog posts, or social platforms.

Gaining access to a private account without any existing connection to the person will be extremely challenging. The methods mentioned earlier may offer some potential solutions, but it’s important to remember that the account owner retains complete control over who can access their private account.

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