How to shutdown PC or laptop using keyboard shortcut keys

How to shutdown PC or laptop using keyboard shortcut keys

How to shutdown PC or laptop using keyboard shortcut keys

How to shutdown PC or laptop using keyboard shortcut keys


Users want to shut down their computers immediately using shortcut keys. However, the traditional method involves several steps, whereas, there are shortcut keys through which user can easily shut down their PC or laptop by pressing different key combinations.

Here are various ways to shut down Windows-based laptops or PCs using the shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys to shutdown windows laptop or PC

Alt+F4 Method

This is the initial and most basic shortcut key for shutting down a Windows PC or laptop. Here’s what users should do.


-Enter Alt+F4 on the keyboard from the Windows screen.

-The user will see a ‘Shut Down Windows’ dialogue.

-Select ‘Shut down’ from the drop menu and select OK.

Alt+Ctrl+Del Method

-Close all the opened apps or folders on your PC or laptop.

-Press the Alt+Ctrl+Del combination on the keyboard.


-From the screen, select the Sign Out option.

-With this, the user’s laptop or PC will be shut down automatically.

Win+X Method

-From the Windows screen, Press Win+X on the keyboard.

-Press U to open the Shut Down or Sign Out section.

-Press U again to shut down your Windows laptop or PC.


Mac OS only enables users to shut down the machine using a certain set of keyboard shortcut keys. Here’s what users should know.

Cmd+Option+Control+Power Method

The only method to shut down a Mac laptop or PC by keyboard is to use the following command: Cmd+Option+Ctrl+Power menu. When the user clicks all of these buttons simultaneously, the Mac will terminate all apps and the laptop will shut down.

There are several ways to simply shut down a user’s Windows PC or laptop. This section will present four distinct methods for doing so rapidly.

Shutdown laptop or PC via run dialogue

-Press Win+R to open the Run dialogue box.


-Type “ Shutdown –s ” and hit Enter.

Shutdown laptop or PC via command prompt

-Press Win+R to open the Run programme.

-Type “cmd” in the box and then click on Enter.

-In the command prompt window, enter the following command: shutdown/s

-Tap on Enter, and the laptop will shut down.


Shutdown laptop or PC by creating a shortcut

-Right-click on the home screen section on a Windows laptop.

-Go to New and then click on the Shortcut option.

-In the box, enter the following command: shutdown.exe -s -t 00 –f.

-Click on Next to create the shortcut.

After the user double-click the icon, the machine shuts off automatically. In addition to it, user can utilise this shortcut to create a custom shortcut key for shutting down their computer.


-Right-click on the shutdown shortcut you just created and click on Properties.

-Go to the Shortcut tab and locate the Shortcut key option.

-Enter the desired key combination in the field and click OK.

-Shutdown Laptop or PC via Power Menu

Moreover, users have an easy way to shut off any computer or laptop. It is done by selecting the Power option from the Windows menu. All users have to do is go to Windows Menu > Power Options > Shut Down.




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