Are we the captains of the ship we call our life or is everything planned for us? The debate between determinism versus free will has been going on since the beginning of time, but one thing’s for certain; we are no more defined by our coffee orders than we are by our astrological signs. Here’s what the universe says about you according to your choice of hot drink this winter




If you prefer an Americano, you’re a calm and pleasant person to be around, someone who likes to be quiet and focused, especially when there are responsibilities looming over your head. You tend to be work driven, prioritising and maximising output above all. But you’re terrible with your time. The term fashionably late may have been coined only for you and possibly by you as well. Some would peg you as the silent warrior, or perhaps even an enigma of sorts. You have a limited social battery that leads people to think that you’re moody or arrogant, but that’s not the case at all. You just sway between periods of introversion and extroversion. You’re direct when asked for advice but have trouble when dealing with confrontations that involve you. A difficult but rewarding friend to have, you’re a keeper.



Latte drinkers probably don’t like coffee all that much, or they’re looking for a safe bet. It also means that you’re always looking for comfort. You enjoy the sunnier side of life but you don’t shy away from tough obstacles life throws at you. You’re likely to be a balanced person who can find happiness amidst the banalities of life, but you may always be looking out the window for something more. The latte drinkers tend to be more neurotic and people-pleasing. You like to be liked by people and often go out of your way to help them. You are bubbly and tough at the same time. But you tend to hold appearances in high regard and often miss out on the fun things because of your internal checklist.


You’ve been awake since the 90’s. You have a formal bathrobe that’s hopefully not monogrammed with your initials, but one can never be sure. You prefer hardwood floors and a certain rustic quality to your surroundings. According to research, bitter tastes are often associated with antisocial personalities. You are a coffee purist who likes to enjoy its delicate flavor. You are a straightforward person and prefer to be a minimalist. Adventurer, outdoorsy, and a risk taker are all the things that could describe you. You don’t whine, you grind, work and get things done as best as you can. But you can also be dismissive and rigid to new ideas. You appreciate simplicity and schedules. The way to your heart? A detailed spreadsheet.

Golden Chai

Ah, a classic. The appropriate of milk to tea ratio. This drink is the sign of a balanced individual. You’re good at maintaining relationships and are often seen as a humorous lively soul. You work hard, but don’t necessarily want to work that hard. You can appreciate luxury but you are pretty down to earth when required. You turn down sparkling water at restaurants in favor of tap. You’re the person at work that has a chocolate drawer, but you’re also extremely generous and don’t mind sharing. . You’re the one to calm a situation and the mediator when things escalate, always being able to see an argument from both sides. You’re warm hearted but oblivious at times. Kindness comes easy to you.


Chai Tea Latte

It’s more Chad than Chai at this point. If your Chai order has too much milk, it’s time to reflect on your life choices. You’re either a super chill person or you’re a budding Karen from the depths of hell. You possibly own a floral hand-towel inscribed with “Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my morning tea.” You probably keep up with the latest trends and are constantly trying cool new coffee shops around town. You might also use Google translate to find quirky captions in Mandarin for your social media. You self-identify as ‘fun’ but its best to leave things to the jury. But you’re also pretty knowledgeable about things. You can talk at lengths about something as random as puffer fish. It’s a skill, really. You might also be easily roped into a pyramid scheme.

Green tea

If this is you, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you have a live laugh love poster up on a wall somewhere. If you do, burn it down immediately. Health-conscious, calm and determined, are some personality traits that may be linked to your image. You have a good taste in fashion and are often fussy. You will spend an entire day at the mall and come home empty because nothing ever satisfies you. Some would also call you a romantic of sorts. You’re not afraid of confrontations and will be the first one to pick fights when wronged. You may be a little high maintenance but that’s okay. You know what you deserve.

Masala Chai

If your chai order looks like this, it’s safe to assume that you’re a real wild card. You may look like a novice but people have to be careful; you might be an expert in disguise. Intrigue and mystery looms over your persona like a dark cloud. People tend to believe that you have a connection to the mob. You don’t need company to enjoy experiences in life, but you’d wish for someone to truly see and know you. You can’t go one lecture without hitting that vape. You are most likely always on the go, looking for a refreshing pick me up to keep you moving.



It’s safe to assume that you’ve had the same hairstyle for a decade. You definitely use the crying laughing emoji un-ironically. A conservative and traditional type soul who is set in their routines and may prefer silences. You are one of those rare people who would look good in practically anything they wear, even a straw hat. Wisdom flows throw you like a river. You’re outspoken and assertive, and with good reason. You don’t have time for fooling around, and you’d rather stick to what you know. You take your time to mull things over or come to a decision, and one would often find you contemplating nihilism or perhaps even reading Camus.


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