IBA plants indigenous trees in botanical garden

IBA has planted 3000 trees in the garden at main campus

By Fawwad Raza - Editor

11th November, 2019

Institute of Business administration (IBA) conducted a plantation drive on its main campus, Karachi. Students and members of civil society participated in green activity.

According to a press release issued by the Administration Department of the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi in collaboration with the IBA Go Green Society and Hutchison Ports Pakistan organized a tree plantation drive at the Main Campus.

The saplings of various trees including dates, tamarind, chikoo and neem were planted at the main campus.

IBA staff, students and faculty represented the Institute at the event, whereas CEO of KICT Mr. Raymond Ngai Man Chan and CEO of SAPT Mr. Rashid Jamil along with their employees participated in the tree plantation drive to make the campus eco-friendly.

Manager IBA Go Green Society, Saba Javed shared the details of the collaboration and said, “The event is a collaboration with two business units of Hutchison Ports – KICT and SAPT.

It was the second collaboration between IBA and Hutchison Ports, following one in September 2018 in the form of a botanical garden in the said institution.”

General Manager IBA Karachi Mr. Aamer Shabbir further expanded on the sustainability model IBA is following and said, “Our aim and model is to create a green and sustainable city.

We want to be pioneers in this field. We want to link the world and connect the dots to provide a bright future for our future generations. It’s time that we give back to the society we inherited from.”

IBA Plantation drive

Mr. Chan expressed his gratefulness to IBA for allowing him to participate in such a great initiative and said, “At Hutchison, we have a deep rooted philosophy, we don’t (only) do just business, but also try to partake in projects to conserve the environment and inspire our staff to spend efforts in environmental conversation so that we can have a sustainable future, not just for us but the next generation as well.”

The tree plantation drive concluded with the attendees taking a tour of the botanical garden in IBA – a result of the first collaboration between the two organizations.

The IBA Go Green society has been actively involved in holding tree plantation drives for the past three years with its main objective being to promote sustainability and combat climate change.

Team IBA Karachi has successfully planted approximately 3,000 trees in the past two years. It has collaborated with several organizations to promote its aim for a more sustainable city.

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