Amendments in article 59, 226, and 63 to be tabled tomorrow

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

15th Sep, 2020. 12:50 am
Amendments in article 59, 226, and 63 to be tabled tomorrow

The federal government has drafted a constitutional amendment to open the senate elections. According to the draft, citizens with dual nationality will be able to contest in the elections.

Member elected to any house of the parliament must take oath within sixty days from the first meeting of the parliament. Failure of taking oath within sixty days will result in termination of the membership.

The constitutional amendments will be tabled in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday for approval. Bol News has received the draft of the constitutional amendments.

Two bills of the constitutional amendment will be presented in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

To hold the Senate elections by open vote, an amendment in article 59 and 226 of the constitution of Pakistan is proposed. In article 226, an amendment is proposed to include the word senate election along with the election of the prime minister and chief ministers.

Whereas in article 63 amendment to allow dual nationals to contest in elections is proposed. In the amendment of article 65, it is proposed to make mandatory to take oath within 60 days from the first sitting of the house.

According to the details of the draft, holders of dual nationality will have to renounce their dual nationality before taking the oath, and they must submit the certificate of renunciation of their dual citizenship.


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