Maulana Fazl says, ‘PDM Lahore rally will be the “last nail” for the govt.

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

08th Dec, 2020. 09:11 pm

Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has on Tuesday asked all Opposition parliamentarians to send their resignations to their party heads by December 31, as the PDM gears up to hold its rally in Lahore on Sunday.

“All Opposition lawmakers, from the national and provincial assemblies throughout the country, should send in their resignations to their respective party leaderships by December 31,” said Maulana Fazl.

The PDM president said that a standing committee of the Opposition’s alliance will be held which will decide the schedule of strikes, protests, and jalsas in various divisional headquarters of the country.

“It will also be decided when to hold the long march [against the government] and its date will also be decided,” he said.

Fazl said that the PDM’s upcoming Lahore jalsa will be a “historic” one, and will prove to be the “last nail” for the government.

He also condemned the PTI government for banning his party’s youth volunteers wing, Ansar-ul-Islam, ahead of the vital PDM rally in Lahore, terming the move frustration and confusion in government circles.

When asked whether the PDM was afraid of a crackdown by the government, Fazl said that the alliance hadn’t even thought about it.

“The government has been affected, the legs of its chair are shaking,” he said. “All that is needed now is one push.”

The JUI-F chief stated categorically that if the Opposition lawmakers decide to resign from the assemblies, they will not backtrack from the decision later.

“We will not end up licking our resignations,” he said when asked whether the PDM lawmakers will take a U-turn after resigning.

“Once we give them [resignations], we will not lick them as they did,” he said.


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