Punjab board; 9th Class Maths past papers, guess papers 2024

Punjab board; 9th Class Maths past papers, guess papers 2024

Punjab board; 9th Class Maths past papers, guess papers 2024

Punjab board; 9th Class Maths past papers, guess papers 2024


9th Class Maths Science group Paper 2024: Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore, and other boards are conducting first Annual Examination 2024 of secondary school certificate part-I across Punjab.

The past papers and guess papers can be helpful to the students to study the Mathematics syllabus excellently in short period of time.

These papers offer insights into the exam structure also helping students recognize their strengths and weaknesses in Physics.

Solving past papers helps students revise their syllabus effectively and understand the types of questions they may encounter in the papers.

BISE Lahore is set to hold the Maths science group paper on April 1, 2024.


Guess Papers Class 9: Most Important Questions of Maths

Unit 1

Ex 1.2= Q6 (i)

Ex 1.3= Q3, Q6, Q1

Ex 1.4= Q3, Q4, Q5(i)

Ex 1.5= Q1, Q2(iii) Q3(ii)


Ex 1.6= Q1

Unit 2

Ex 2.1= Q2, Q5

Ex 2.4= complete

Ex 2.5= Q1, Q3, Q4

Ex 2.6= Q3, Q4, Q7


Review= Q3-Q7

Unit 3

Ex 3.1= Q1, Q2

Ex 3.2= Q5, Q6

Ex 3.3= Q3-Q5

Ex 3.4= Q1, Q4, Q5


Review= Q3, Q4, Q5

Unit 4

Ex 4.1= Q3, Q4, Q5

Ex 4.2= complete

Ex 4.3= Q2, Q4(ii)

Ex 4.4= Q1-Q6


Review= Q4

Unit 5

Ex 5.1= Q3-Q5

Ex 5.2= Q1, Q2, Q5, Q6

Ex 5.3= Q1, Q2, Q4-Q6, Q8

Ex 5.4= complete


Unit 6

Ex 6.1= Q2(i), Q3, Q4(i), Q5(i), Q6, Q10

Ex 6.2= Q2, Q4, Q5, Q10, Q12

Ex 6.3= Q1, Q2, Q3(ii)

Review= Q6(ii)

Unit 7


Ex 7.1= Q1, Q2

Ex 7.2= Q2

Ex 7.3= Q1, Q2

Unit 8

Ex 8.1= Q2(xiv), Q4, Q5

Unit 9


Ex 9.1= Q1

Ex 9.2= Q2, Q3

Ex 9.3= Q1, Q2

Unit 11

Ex 11.1= Q1

Review= Q3, Q4


Unit 13

Review= Q4, Q5, Q6

Unit 14

Ex 14.1= Q1(i, iii, iv)

Review= Q3(i, ii)

Unit 15


Review= Q2

Unit 17

Ex 17.1= Q1, Q2(i, iii), Q5(i)

Ex 17.2= Q1-Q3

Importatn Theorems (Masly)

Unit 12= 1, 3, 4, 5 OR


Unit16= 2, 3, 4

Important definitions

-All types of matrices (qaalbon ki tmam types ki definitions)
-Remainder theorem (masla Baqi)
-Rational and irratinal numbers (nataq or gair natiq adaad)
-H.C.F (Aad-e-Azam)

-Linear equation
-coolinear and non-collinear points
-Eqilateral and scalene triangles (musaawi or mutmasal musallasein)
-A.S.A postulate (zawia-zila-Zawia ka mozoa)
-Square (murabba)
-right triangle (qaimah zawiah musallas)
-issocelles triangle (musawi ulssaqain musallas)
-S.S.S postulate (Zila-Zila-Zila ka mozoa)
-Parallallogram (musaawi-us-saqain)
-ratio and proportion (nisbat or tanasab)
-Pythagorus therem (masla feesagorus)
-Area of figure (shakal ka raqba)
-median of a triangle (musallas k wastaniah)
-polynomial (Kaseer raqmi)
-Altitude of triangle (musallas ka irtafah)

BISE Lahore Maths Model Papers



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