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Donald Trump
Twitter users are urging Elon Musk to reactivate Donald Trump’s Twitter account

Supporters of Donald Trump have urged Elon Musk to restore the ex-Twitter president's account after Tesla's billionaire CEO became the...

Capitol Hill
World leaders condemn US Capitol Hill Violence
Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s Twitter, Facebook Accounts Suspended after Posting this
Donald Trump
Twitter restricts Trump’s tweet claiming opponents would ‘steal’ election
Trump lambastes Biden over Afghanistan crisis, demands resignation
Trump tweets video of a supporter shouting “white power”
Trump reshedules Tulsa rally ‘Juneteenth’ after facing criticism
George Floyd's death: Trump warns to “take back” Seattle
George Floyd’s death: Trump warns to “take back” Seattle
Mark Zuckerberg to review policies regarding Trump's controversial messages
Mark Zuckerberg to review policies regarding Trump’s controversial messages
Twitter labels Trump's label with fact-check warning
Donald Trump focuses on Coronavirus task force to improve economic disasters
Donald Trump tweet
Trump says he ordered US Navy to destroy Iranian boats targeting US ships
Trump says he’ll suspend immigration’ into the United States
Ayushman Khurrana
Trump praises Ayushman Khurrana’s latest blockbuster movie