US FDA to increase inspections of drug manufacturing units in India
US FDA to increase inspections of drug manufacturing units in India

In 2023, the FDA conducted over 200 inspections in India, resuming unannounced inspections after a pandemic lull. The FDA is...

Chikungunya vaccine
Chikungunya vaccine: US passes 1st dose against mosquito-borne virus
Court Limits Abortion
Court Limits Abortion Pill Usage Pending Supreme Court Review
Health supplement
Health alert: Before taking a supplement, here are some things to keep in mind
Eli Lilly and Co
Eli Lilly and Co gets approval by FDA to treat rare type of blood cancer
Walgreens, CVS limit kids’ meds amid tripledemic
FDA approved the revised Covid booster shots made by Pfizer and Moderna
FDA has voted to alter Covid-19 vaccinations to target Omicron variant
FDA releases creative plan to improve access to nonprescription medications
Juul can keep selling products while appealing FDA prohibition
Thailand from drug wars to weed curries
American FDA
 Majority of American FDA advisors support the Moderna COVID vaccination for children 6 to 17
FDA Advisory Recommends Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine to U.S
Abbott Nutrition
In a Michigan plant, Abbott Nutrition is resuming production of baby formula
pfizer- vaccine fraud/ bol news
Pfizer vaccine fraud: Government was involved in dismissing accusations
Hepatitis A outbreak in the US and Canada
US: Baby formula to be flown in by military jets
Margaret Brennan
New plant will be developed to combat baby formula shortage; Abbott
This is why Baby formula is short in America
To alleviate the infant formula shortfall, the FDA is “working around the clock.”
FDA restricts who can receive Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
Menthol and flavored cigarettes to be banned by FDA
Priti Patel
Patel personally approved the rollout of the Rwanda plan
This fall season demands new COVID shots in the U.S
Viruses that could save millions of lives
astrazeneca vaccine
Israel approves AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 drug for people with weakened immune systems
Pfizer seeks US approval of Covid vaccine for children under 5
New vaccine
New vaccine stable at refrigerator temperature for 30 days
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