Rupee declines despite IMF nod

KARACHI: The Pakistani rupee shed Rs1.15 against the dollar to reach Rs210.95 on Friday after the investors’ sentiments cooled down...

Pakistan set to allow import payments to Afghanistan in Rupee
 EU import
EU import checks organizations defer scrutinizing
Boris Johnson says import restrictions on steel will remain in place
Lithuania warned by Russia about effects of rail transit ban in Kaliningrad.
The US House of Representatives passed a shipping bill to help exports
India considers curbing import of refrigerators
Saudi Arabia
The price of oil has risen after Saudi Arabia raised crude prices
Russian oil
India’s purchase of Russian oil shows no signs of slowing down
European solidarity against Russia tried as chats on oil ban delay
Europe is as yet confounded about how to take care of its Russian gas bills
pharmaceutical imports
Pharmaceutical imports clock-in at $3b in 6 months
China unveils measures to keep foreign trade stable
Duty-free imports
Duty-free imports surge 67% in four months
Businessmen want implementation of barter trade with Iran
Cash margin requirement on imports may support rupee
Increase in current account deficit including remittances, exports, and imports
Central Bank of Iran
Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to issue national crypto
Dr Pasha warns of hard times ahead; imports hit record $6.3 billion in June
Gold imports fall 22.79% to $8.97 million in FY21
Pakistan’s imports from China grow 38.74% in 11 months: SBP
State Bank makes amendments in forex regulations on imports
agriculture policies
Govt should introduce balanced agriculture policies to curb food inflation
IMF rupee
Rupee weakens against dollar
Mobile phones commercial imports shoot up by 110%
Mobile phones commercial imports shoot up by 110%
Traders observe to-day shutter down strike
Traders announce two-day shutter down strike