Amazon is giving “Thank you” t-shirts to its warehouse workers

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

16th May, 2020. 02:17 pm
Amazon is giving "Thank you" t-shirts to its warehouse workers

Amazon is giving branded merchandise to say thanks to the warehouse workers working during coronavirus pandemic.

Amazon works told the international news source that Amazon has given “thank you” t-shirts to the warehouse workers.

A worker shared a picture of the t-shirt in which “Thank you” was written on the front. The back reads, “Together, we’ll deliver.”

Workers said that they received t-shirts last week. They were placed in a room and were asked to choose the shirt as per the size they want.

The news had come out as the giant e-commerce Company announced it would reduce $2 per hour wage. Workers seemed unhappy with this new move. One worker said, “With states opening up and over 21 cases at our warehouse so far and at least one death at the Indianapolis warehouse, it’s a slap in the face,”

Another worker based in Texas said that t-shirts were distributed at their warehouse. The employee said, “All I can say was that it felt like they are trying to change the narrative that is reflected in the news, as it looks negatively upon the company. While I hate to sound ungrateful for anything, putting a big ‘Thank you’ on the shirt was a clear indication they wanted to sway our thoughts. It just didn’t feel sincere,”

Amazon warehouse worker died due to coronavirus

An Amazon Warehouse worker has died after contracting coronavirus in California. A spokesperson for Amazon has informed the news on Tuesday.

Sources said that the employee was an operations manager at Amazon’s Hawthorne facility. He died on March 31.

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