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Facebook Introduces Free Cloud Gaming Service

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

26th Oct, 2020. 10:30 pm
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Facebook Introduces Free Cloud Gaming Service

Facebook has become another big technology company stepping into the world of cloud gaming, but unlike the characters, its approach is different.

Cloud gaming services are provided by Amazon or Google and other companies for a fee, but Facebook will provide the service for free.

Facebook Vice President Jason Rubin said that Facebook will provide free games to users, at least at the beginning, he said Facebook is not promising 4K, 60 frames per second, for which you pay $7 per month and they are not trying to sell any hardware or controllers.

He added that the reason Facebook is stepping into cloud gaming is to deliver the games we can provide to users.

The rise of games on Facebook dates back more than a decade, beginning with Flash-based games such as FarmVille, after which the company moved to HTML 5 for its instant gaming platform.

But these two technologies are very limited and simple.

Jason Rubin said that more sophisticated games will be able to reach users on the cloud platform, while the instant games platform will also have its place, which will be in the Facebook app with cloud gaming.

It is believed that Facebook bought the Spanish cloud gaming service PlayGiga last year, which will be helpful in this new service.

Jason Rubin said the new platform would allow games to be available to 300 million people, but they would be able to play more complex games.

These free games will be available in beta version on Facebook from October 26 and some games like 3D Racer Asphalt 9 and Mobile Legends.

Jason Rubin said that the service is being launched in the United States with the Facebook app on the web and Android and iOS is not currently included in it, because it is a big problem for us, including the launch of Facebook browser and games. Is prevented from doing.

Jason Rubin hopes that this service will be successful in attracting the attention of the people and will be gradually changed.

According to him, we will not need user fees for these games, just being on Facebook will be enough, however, when the number of users in the platform will increase, some developers will come forward who may want to charge a fee.

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