Fake Amazon Dating App

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

05th Feb, 2020. 05:05 pm
Fake Amazon dating app

A fake website made to look similar to Amazon offered to deliver bachelors and bachelorettes to the users’ doorsteps.

The website was offering bachelors at different prices, just like when shoppers shop online in the US.

Officials from the ‘real’ Amazon has not commented on this prank.

Each listing includes the single’s ‘love language’-Jeffery Epstein conspiracy theorist named Ted called this “words of affirmation.”

Buyers can surf through the website and can order their match, but the website is fake. It looks so real that the website also mentions price tags and the ability to select the person’s height.

Similarly, A man purchased a billboard featuring an image of himself looking for a partner.

Mark Rofe from Sheffield spent £425 for the creation of this huge billboard to be displayed on a busy road in Manchester.

The man seemed desperately waiting for someone to date him and was tired of dating app games.

Mark Rofe, 30, thinks this ‘unique’ type can impress people and can let him find a partner.

He said that he is unfortunate enough to find a perfect match even he got in touch with 100 people.

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