Man faces 5 years jail as he imitates Coronavirus symptoms

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Feb, 2020. 12:23 am

A man imitated coronavirus symptoms in a crowded Moscow metro train has been detained by the Russian Police and now facing five years in jail for the stunt.

According to the details, the man, identified as Karomatullo Dzhaborov, who was a Russian prankster trying to prank passengers through faking collapsed in the metro train in Russian capital in recent weeks.

The video was shared by Karomatullo on February 2 on his social media page called kara.prank on Instagram and YouTube. It has since been removed from both the platforms.

in the video it has seen initially, other passengers rush to help him but as he begins twitching they scramble to escape the carriage.

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The police arrested Karomatullo on the charges of hooliganism, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in a prison in Russia.

After his arrest, the man’s two accomplices were also identified by the authorities and were asked to leave Moscow by Russia’s Interior Ministry.

According to the man’s lawyer Alexei Popov though, Karomatullo apparently pulled off the prank to raise awareness about the disease.

The lawyer said  “this video should not be viewed separately from his other videos. They shot videos in stores asking people if they were aware of the coronavirus. They shot videos in pharmacies which were selling masks at inflated prices. They wanted to draw the attention of the authorities to the problem; there is no evidence of a crime,” he added.

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