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Pakistani couple prepares & distributes free coronavirus prevention kits

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

15th Mar, 2020. 02:55 pm
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Pakistani couple prepares & distributes free coronavirus prevention kits

Pakistani couple living in the UK is distributing coronavirus prevention kits for free.

Jawad and his wife are running a confectionary shop in the Scottish town of Falkirk.

Surprisingly, they are preparing the kits that can help people prevent coronavirus. They are then distributing the kits for free to every elderly person coming in the shop.

In addition to these, the couple also deliver the kits at the doorsteps of old people living in their surroundings.

Note that Scotland has reported 85 confirmed cases of coronavirus. w

A newborn child has been tested positive for novel coronavirus, it is the youngest case of the disease in the United Kingdom which has emerged.

The child’s mother, was taken to a north London hospital few days before the birth of the child, has also been diagnosed with the virus.

The mother was tested positive at North Middlesex hospital, in Enfield. Her results came after the birth of the baby. After the birth the newly born baby was tested positive for Covid-19.

The NHS trust has also confirmed that 2 patients tested for coronavirus, with staff in close contact during treatment being told to self-isolate.

It is still unknown whether the baby affected with the virus in the mother’s womb or was infected during birth. International news reported that the baby was still being treated at the hospital but the mother has been transferred to a specialist infections hospital.

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