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Coronavirus tips-Things to remember before leaving the house

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

04th Apr, 2020. 05:17 pm
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Coronavirus tips-Things to remember before leaving the house

Leaving the house means coronavirus germs are ready to greed you. However, you can avoid coming into contact with coronavirus while leaving the house through these tips.

Include mask and gloves in your essentials

Covering your face and hands is a must things while following coronavirus tips. Use a mask to cover the face so you will not come into contact with polluted air or germs. However, as masks are short in supply these days in several areas, you can use a fabric to cover your nose and mouth.

Also, do not touch anything with your bare hands. For example, if you are at the store, touch the food and other items after wearing gloves. This will prevent germs from your hands to transmit to the products. This will prevent you from germs present over the items as well. Try using disposable gloves so you may throw them in the trash after coming home.

Wash first, then greet!

After coming home, wash your hands first before meeting your family members or going to the lounge to watch your favorite TV show. Families can install sanitizer dispensers or soap dispenser near the entrance of your homes.
Go for more online methods

You will be amazed to know that your cash can also carry coronavirus germs. Try using your debit cards or other online methods to pay the bills instead of touching the money.

Use your knees, feet, elbows

Just give rest to your fingertips and use your knees, feet, elbows, and knuckles to press a button, push a door or something, tap a PIN code, or do something similar to these activities. It is because the things you touch more often can contain germs. These germs can transmit to you directly if you touch them though your fingertips and then touch your face then.

Distance is a must

While going outside for groceries or something. Always remember the rule. You must maintain a distance of up to 6 feet with the others. Stay far from people when you are at the grocery store or are at a nearby park. This is a time when you should keep distant even from your best friend or from your favorite colleague at the workplace.

Search for the automatic options

You usually find automatic soap dispensers, automatic tap, and other buttons. Try to use it if you find them. You can also fit such types of systems at your home or workplace. One-time investment can prevent you from several troubles.

Your phone is not germ-free!

It is a bad truth that your phone carries a lot of germs too. We take it for granted and touch the phone more often. Try to keep your phone clean. Cleaning does not mean you put your phone into the water with soap. Use a wipe, or fabric and gently clean the front and backside of the phone. You will rarely get into contact with the germs.

Reusable tote bags

Try reusing the fresh bags you take from grocery bags at home. These are environmentally friendly.

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