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locust invasion-Old “tiddie” fry recipe is taking internet by storm

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

30th May, 2020. 02:31 pm
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locust fry recipe

The earlier couple of days, locust attack has grown to critical interest for the primary portion of the north India region. Uncertainty of loss appears high over the country’s crop production.

Moving up by attempting to restrain the measure of the crop-damaging locust swarms, the Union Agriculture Ministry stated 15 sprayers will be obtained from the UK in a fortnight, and strategies are advancing to use drones and helicopters for the atmospheric shower of pesticides.

Earlier social media went abuzz with people getting up with multiple approaches of seeking to retain the locusts at bay, including a DJ system that provided a piece of blasting music to reduce the possible harm by the insects in Uttar Pradesh.

On the other hand, people have developed with a different innovative method of reducing the loss. ‘When life grants you locusts, cook them’ appears to be the rallying cry.

Among experts frequently developing displaced over stopping the circumstances, netizens decided to use social media to share old and new videos of locust ingredients.

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