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PUBG removes ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode after Muslims sparked outrage

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

10th Jun, 2020. 02:53 pm
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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) video game faced huge criticism among Muslim players as they accused the video game developers of promoting ‘idol worshipping’.

The developers, after the huge controversy, must have rolled back the update.

According to reports, the controversy erupted after PUBG released a new feature titled ‘Mysterious Jungle’, which triggered a backlash in Islamic societies for allegedly pushing forms ‘idol worshipping’.

PUBG Mobile had released a latest ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode and it is reported to be exclusive to the ‘Sanhok’ map.

The reason for the outrage was due to a feature present in the new update where players can pray in front of a totem in order to restore their health.

It is pertinent to note that any form of ‘idol worshipping’ is prohibited in Islam.

Following this update, many Muslim players took it as an insult to their religion as idol worship is prohibited in Islam.

The players took to Twitter to slam the creators of PUBG for promoting idol worshipping and asked fellow Muslims to uninstall the video game application.

Outrage in Muslim Nations:

A number of preachers from the Middle East had also warned against the recently released PUBG update. The preachers had demanded authorities to act swiftly to save children from these forbidden concepts.

According to the details, Dr Bassam Al Shatti, Professor of faith at the College of Sharia, Kuwait University, said video games feature many pros and cons, but PUBG has violated Islamic beliefs regarding prostration and bowing to idols, and this is the greatest sin in Islam because prostrating and bowing is worship and glorification solely and exclusively to Almighty Allah.

PUBG removes the Jungle mode after backlash from Muslims

Following the outrage by Muslims the online gaming app PUBG has removed the ‘Mysterious Jungle’ mode from the game.

PUBG Mobile has released a statement regarding the controversy, stating that, “This new Jungle Adventure Mode was causing dissatisfaction among various players due to some of the dynamics of the mode. PUBG Mobile also said that they respect the traditions, cultures, and practices of their players and continue to value them. They are trying their best to provide a safe and better playing environment and experience to all players across the globe.”

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