Julie survival story: What she did for earning?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

10th Jul, 2020. 12:44 pm
Julie survival story: What she did for earning?

People dealing with autism struggle to get jobs and live with prosperity in society. A 21-year-old daughter having autism faced the same until her mother finds a way to keep her daughter busy.
Julie Yawitz set up an AR Workshop franchise in Olivette after she visited a franchise last year.
This workshop helped the daughter Kaitlyn, as Julie did not like any other option. On the other hand, the mother did not want to spend time in boredom.

The mother puts inventory into the computer, labels the tools that are sanitized, and arranges other projects for the store.
The opening ceremony was not that much good as they expected due to coronavirus pandemic. They were supposed to open the store in April. They set up curbside delivery in May.
Customers now visit the workshop and create home décor projects while implementing precautionary measures such as maintaining social distance. The workshop is also open for private groups.

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