This bride tested positive for Covid-19 before her wedding, here’s how she managed!

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

04th Dec, 2020. 01:11 pm
Bride tested positive for coronavirus before wedding

Wedding events are one of the most precious moments to celebrate. However, any mishap or unusual activity can ruin the celebrations.

A sad incident happened with a bride who tested positive for coronavirus just three days before her big day. However, she still managed to enjoy her wedding uniquely and safely. Her story has won the hearts of people.

The couple Patrick Delgado and Lauren Jimenez from California had arranged everything for their wedding day when they got sad news. But, Jimenez got inspiration from ‘Tangled’ movie.

Photos got viral in which the bride was seen staying in the second story of a house while the groom was on the ground. Both grabbed two ends of a long rope as a symbol of their commitment to each other to be together, forever.

Jessica Jackson, who is a professional photographer, shared this story on Instagram.

“What do you do if you test positive three days before your wedding, but everyone else around you is negative? Let’s up the stakes: your marriage license expires on your wedding day and the county is closed, so you don’t know when you’ll be able to get married!” Jackson wrote.

Jackson also explained how the couple “exchanged vows, rings, and an undying love for one another” despite rough circumstances.
In the conclusion, the photographer wrote about how the moments inspired her with the couple’s positive attitude, “I seriously love you guys so much and your positive attitude to make the best out of every situation inspires me!” she added.

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