Top trending Bizarre food combinations in 2020

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

21st Dec, 2020. 12:48 pm
bizarre food combinations

 Some people eat to live while some others live to eat. Food is life for most people. 

Various food trends were seen in 2020 and netizens tried new combinations as well. However, some bizarre food fusion faced criticism as well. Have a look at some weird food fusion

Curd and Maggi

Maggi often fulfills late-night cravings or dish for a rainy day. However, the combination of Maggi and curd was not liked by netizens at all!

 Chocolate samosa pav

Pav bhaji and samosa are spicy snacks we often enjoy with tea. However, a samosa maker gave a chocolaty taste to this spicy item. 

 Oreo ice-cream samosa

While one combined spicy samosa and sweet chocolate, another weird combination was also seen on the internet. Samosas are mostly filled with potatoes, mincemeat, chicken, or vegetables. However, netizens saw samosas stuffed with oreo ice cream!

 Ketchup and watermelon

Watermelon is a rich source of minerals and water. The sweat fruit is highly liked for its watery nature. While ketchup is liked as a sauce to be enjoyed with spicy dishes. Someone topped a watermelon slice with ketchup and netizens did not like it. 

Red pasta dosa

A video went viral on the internet that showed the process of making a dosa filled with red dosa. 

Ferrero rocher Manchurian

Ferrero Rocher is one of the most liked chocolates among people. However, a photo went viral on the internet which showed Ferrero rocher chocolate balls mixed in Manchurian. 

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