Watch: Lahore Girl ‘Not Happy’ With Her Viral Proposal Video

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

13th Mar, 2021. 08:49 pm
Watch: Lahore Girl 'Not Happy' With Her Viral Proposal Video

Showing love publicly in Pakistani society is still considered a taboo subject but a girl in the University of Lahore without caring about society proposed a boy and both hugged in front of other fellow students.

There are very interesting reactions on social media in this regard and many people not only in Pakistan but also across the border have expressed their views on this issue.

Many people were seen condemning it and many people praised them.

But Now another video of the girl circulating on social media in which her friend was commenting about the viral video of which the girl replied that she is not happy about it and she did not do that for publicity.


Note that, the University of Lahore (UOL) expelled a student and a fellow student from the university after a video of them proposing and embracing each other in front of other students went viral on the internet.

Recently, a video went viral on social media in which in the presence of other students, a female student was seen kneeling down and offering flowers to a boy in a movie-style, expressing her love for the student, and then both embraced each other.

The video went viral on social media after which, the notice signed by the registrar of the University of Lahore issued today, stated that the student has been expelled from the university and their admission in the university has been banned.

The notice said that both the students were summoned by the Special Disciplinary Committee on March 12, 2021, at 10.30 am for violating the code of conduct of the university, however, both failed to appear before the committee.

It was further said that the Special Disciplinary Committee has decided to expel both the students from the university for serious violation of the rules and code of conduct of the university as per Section 9 of the General Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct of the campus.

According to the notice, students expelled under section 16 of the General Discipline Rules and Code of Conduct of the campus will not be allowed to enter the next university or any of its campuses.

Since the ban on admission of students by the University of Lahore, #UniversityOfLahore has been trending on social media and different opinions are being expressed by the users.


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