US Election 2020: BOL News Live Transmission

Web DeskWeb Editor

04th Nov, 2020. 03:41 am

BOL News is always ahead of other national news channels. BOL News reporters are there in the United States of America, giving every second news to its viewers.

It is pertinent to mention here that US Election 2020 run separate campaigns in different states and must win 281 electoral votes in order to be elected President. Presidential campaigns require the candidates to make strategic decisions in order to maximize their chance of winning the required number of votes.

The US Based reporter has talked to many Pakistani-Americans after the campaign ended.

He told, “There are many Pakistani-Americans who want to vote for Trump. However, most of the Pakistanis are not in favor of him and like Biden more.”

While talking to a Pakistani-American, the US-Based reporter asked him what could happen if Biden will become the President of the United States of America, as there are reports that something terrible can happen tomorrow in Washington, DC.

To which Pakistani-American replied,

Donald Trump is in full form to destroy everything if he loses. Shopkeepers have already secured the glass windows with wooden planks.”

He went on to say,

“There are 100% chances that Washington’s situation can get worse tomorrow.”

As many of the Pakistani-Americans supported Biden, on the other hand, another Pakistani showed his trust in Trump.

“He [Trump] had fulfilled all the promises he made before becoming the President. He has taken actions against India, and Republicans always support Pakistan.”

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