Sachin Tendulkar impressed by Dog’s cricket skills

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25th Nov, 2021. 07:36 pm
Dog's "sharp catching skill" makes Sachin Tendulkar impressed

Dog’s “sharp catching skill” makes Sachin Tendulkar impressed

Balls are a favorite pastime for most dogs, but now while playing cricket, one brilliant catching skill of canine has managed to wow even great batsman Sachin Tendulkar.

A small girl is seen playing cricket in what appears to be a farm located in a beautiful film uploaded by the veteran batsman on his social media accounts.

A dog appears on the screen as a boy on the opposite side of the pitch balling. While most people assume it’s simply a dog wandering past, they’re in for a surprise when the dog takes the wicket keeper’s place!

The ‘four-legged player’ quickly grabs the ball and sprints to the bowler to give it over before returning to the stumps.

As the game progresses, the furry player even serves as a fielder, chasing the ball around the field when the girl hits it.

Tendulkar was taken aback by the cute footage that he couldn’t stop gushing about the dog’s “sharp” catching skills.

Sachin Tendulkar told his internet audience, “We’ve seen wicket-keepers, fielders, and all-rounders in cricket, but what would you name this?”

Netizens were ecstatic to observe the dog’s joy, as well as his participation in the game with the youngsters rather than taking the ball and fleeing, as it is usually observed in some cases in the recent times.

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