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Spotted: Python at Kochi’s Seaport-Airport Road, halting traffic

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11th Jan, 2022. 07:00 pm

A massive python was spotted on the busy Seaport-Airport Road in Kochi’s Kalamassery. The traffic was stopped to let it pass the road.

The two-metre-long python made its way slowly over the busy road near the KSEB headquarters, while passers-by and onlookers snapped photos and videos of the snake.

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As onlookers wait patiently for the python to pass, it can be seen writhing across the Seaport-Airport Road. People waited for the snake to move off the road, which it did in four to five minutes. A few people stood in the middle of the road to keep an eye on the reptile and make sure it wasn’t hit by a passing vehicle. Then it disappeared into the woods beside the road.

Here’s the link to the video:

“We get calls to rescue pythons from the city and surrounding areas two or three times a week. As Kochi has vast marshy land, pythons find it easy to survive. They feed on rodents that are available in plenty here,” a forest department official tells the media.

Over the last three or four years, he said, python sightings have become more common in Kochi.

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