Man orders apple online, gets iPhone instead

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

21st Apr, 2021. 09:42 pm
Man orders apple online gets iPhone instead

A man named Nick James from the United Kingdom (UK) had placed an order for groceries and when he went to collect his order, he was surprised with an iPhone.

“Apparently we ordered apples and randomly got an Apple iPhone! Made my sons week!” James shared on Twitter.

The ‘surprise’ was part of the grocery store’s promotional campaign called where the retailer ends up replacing regular products with gifts.

Earlier, a viral video all over social media actually turned out to be much bizarre as a Chinese woman named Liu received an apple-flavored yogurt drink instead of her new iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to the details, a Chinese woman ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Max but ended up receiving an apple-flavored drink instead. She had received a yogurt drink via an online courier service.

Liu had paid $1,500 for the new iPhone but left shocked to receive the Apple drink instead.

According to reports, the woman did not have the package delivered to a storage unit instead of her.

Since the incident took place, both Apple and Express Mail Service had stated that they are investigating the matter.

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