Have you ever wondered? A “bird” out of the Antarctic

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

16th Aug, 2021. 08:13 pm
Have you ever wondered? A “bird" out of the Antarctic

In Japan, there is a pet penguin named “Lala” that goes to the market every day to buy fish and then returns home alone.

We all expect a healthy “fish out of water” story, but how about a “bird out of Antarctica” headline? That’s progress! Meet LaLa, a king penguin that moved from his cold birthplace to a hot and humid town in Japan, where he lived as part of a human family. He’d end up leaving his air-conditioned accommodation and go to the local fish market (carrying a penguin-shaped backpack, of course) during the day.

I’m curious as to how LaLa ended up in Japan. He was discovered trapped in a fishing net with a crippled beak and wing, according to Greek myth. LaLa was discovered by a fisherman, who kept him on his boat with him. When the man returned, he presented the Nishimoto family with the bird. His injuries were treated and he was nursed back to health. They built a cold storage area for LaLa because he never left his caregivers.

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