How a woman became a hotel owner by cleaning the washroom?

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2021. 04:22 pm

A lady, Souadou Niang, who started out in life as a toilet cleaner is now the owner of a five-star hotel that has 60 people working for her.

Hard work always comes in the form of success which one cannot even imagine on one’s own. The story of an African woman is a true inspiration who cleaned hotel bathrooms. But today she is the sole owner of a large international 5-star hotel.

This is the story of Souadou Niang, who was born in Dakar, an African city, was abandoned by her parents when she was 18 years old, then moved to New York, where she went to read to raise money for it. It was difficult when she was passing in front of a nearby hotel that the place was very calm and satisfied to see her, she dropped her CV there and said if there is a job, let me know, at this time The luxury hotel needed only one woman to clean the bathroom, says Souadou Niang.

“I gladly accepted the job, worked hard, and studied hotel management. For 10 years I worked there as a wash lady and then I returned to my country, Africa. I was heartbroken to see the situation, but I liked one place, I talked to different people, tried to make money, and try to build a high-quality hotel, and then I succeeded in my mission, the hotel I built is an international style hotel in Africa. Has built a 5-star hotel, today I have 60 employees who are working on the cleanliness of this hotel and other matters. ”

According to Souadou Niang, “There is nothing wrong with working hard, being alone, never giving up, the passion and enthusiasm to always move forward have brought me to the point where today I am the owner of my own hotel.”

There was a wash lady and she used to wash the bathrooms of the rooms. While cleaning the filth of the people, I opened my multi-crore hotel today.


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