Mathira Khan: The unapologetically bold star

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th Jul, 2020. 08:12 pm

Mathira Khan is considered as the boldest Pakistani celebrity ever existed in the entertainment industry. From hosting late-night shows to performing item numbers in movies, Mathira carved her name.

Many people had and still criticize Mathira for being bold and outspoken. Believe it or not, her confidence, boldness, and her attitude have made her stand out from everyone else. The former VJ has explicitly changed the Pakistani entertainment industry.


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What’s your problem mate !? 😏 #mathira

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She is a top VJ, actress, model, hostess & singer from Pakistan. Raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa, she moved to Pakistan at age 13. She made her debut in Pakistani music videos Nachdi Kamaal Billo, Woh Kaun Thi, and Desi Beat and later hosted Love Indicator, which in March 2011 led her popularity in Pakistan’s showbiz and media industry.

But do you know Mathira is a very sensitive and emotional person in real life? Being a mother of one son, the host has the same sentiments for her child, like every mother in the world.

Mathira Early Life & Family:

Mathira was born to a South African father and Pakistani mother within a Muslim family in Harare, Zimbabwe. She had been educated in Zimbabwe before moving with her family to Pakistan amid Zimbabwe’s unrest.

The Vj-cum-singer has one sister Rose Mohammad, who is also an actor like Mathira. The two of them share a strong bond. Rose has always been seen supporting her sister, especially during her hard times. She even justifies Mathira’s attitude whenever the host was being criticized.

She was born on 25h Feb 1989 or 1992, the year is still not confirmed. According to her birth date, Mathira’s zodiac sign is Pieces.

Mathira Height & Weight:

Mathira has always maintained a healthy lifestyle. Even after her pregnancy, she lost her post-pregnancy weight within a few months. According to details, Mathira weighs 55 Kg with 5 feet and 7 inches of height. She wears a dress size 4 (US) and has a beautiful slim body.

Mathira Career:

She made her debut in Jadugar, Desi Beat, and Nachdi Kamaal Billo music recordings by Malkoo and Rizwan-ul-Haq’s Woh Kaun Thi. She got an opportunity on Vibe TV in March 2011 to have a late-night program called “Love Predictor.” Mathira then went to the front of a big Pakistani fashion magazine. In 2011 she also facilitated the “Baji Online” show of an AAG TV.

She made her Bollywood debut in 2013 by doing an item song Lakk Ch Current in Young Malang, an Indian Punjabi film. In addition, she did an item number Masti Mein Doobi Raat Hai in the movie Main Hoon Shahid Afridi featuring Humayun Saeed.

Later, towards the end of 2013, she appeared with young rapper Arbaz Khan in her latest music video Jhoota, released on 31 December 2013. She acted in a film directed by Vipin Sharma in 2014. In 2015 she acted with Furqan and Imran in a tune “Piya Re” by paying tribute to the melody of Adnan Sami Khan “Bheegi Raaton Mein”.

She played a supporting role in Geo Kahani’s Naagin from 2017 to 2019. In 2019 she played a role opposite Danish Taimoor in romance-thriller film Sirf Tum Hi To Ho.

Currently, Mathira is affiliated with BOL network and hosts different shows there like the Insta Show.


Year Film Role Notes
2013 Young Malang Dancer in the Song Lakk Ch Current Bollywood Movie
Main Hoon Shahid Afridi Dancer Special appearance
2016 Blind Love Negative role
2017 Raasta Dancer in the Song Pee Lay’ Special appearance
2019 Sirf Tum Hi To Ho Shiza
TBA Sikander

BOL Channel:

Year Television Role Notes
2020 Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga League Captain (Quetta Wolves)
Runner Up
Khush Raho Pakistan 2020 Cup (Season 2) Captain (Team Gilgit Baltistan)
Runner Up
The Insta Show with Mathira


Mathira Love Life:

Mathira surprised everyone in Pakistan by getting married to a Punjabi singer Farran J Mirza, also known as Flint J in 2012.


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The one who loves you for no reason gives you a reason to love ❤️ #Mathira #just

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The couple gas a son together Aahil Rizvi, who was born in the year 2014.

Unfortunately, the couple got separated in 2018 due to some unsolvable misunderstandings.

How Mathira Changed Pakistan’s Entertainment Industry:

When Mathira stepped into the entertainment industry, she faced a lot of criticism for her appearance, her choice of clothes and even the way she talked, somehow, Mathira managed to face everything and changed the face of Pakistan’s entertainment industry.


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Now, Mathira is known as Pakistani Kim Kardashian, owning to her appearance, confidence, and bold dressing choices. She is one of those celebrities who believes it’s her right to feel comfortable in her own skin and does not care what others have to say or think about it.


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Now I will say it! Mera jism/body (whatever looks decent to you narrow minded people out there) meri marzi! And now watch ALL typeS of hypocrite women will come and judge me cause of my simple words it’s sometimes some women who refuse to see right and be kind..raise your son well and he will respect women if you raise your daughter and son with a double faced hypocrite actions your kids will follow your foot steps. men and women can never be equal or put in a competition, we are supposed to balance and learn HUMAN RIGHTS before screaming for anything. A woman is a woman’s biggest enemy and she can even be the woman’s biggest weapon its all up to you..a little request respect each woman be kind don’t act SUPERIOR don’t try to degrade each other judge label blame don’t I am the MOST JUDGED WOMAN ONLY BY WOMEN AT TIMES AND IT HURTS!! Happy women’s days #mathira #browngirl #thickwomen

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Just as the Pakistani media industry has evolved with time, now many celebrities can be seen just like Mathira when she was just a newcomer. This is not it, Mathira also endorsed a birth protection brand, that most of the celebrities are afraid to do.

Being a caring single parent, Mathira proved everyone that she can be an independent, bold, and outspoken person as well as a loving and caring single mother.

Many people tried to put Mathira down during her initial days of stardom, but the singer-cum-host always stood like a mountain and today is one of the most successful celebrities of Pakistan.


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