Why is Saba Qamar not a ‘perfect bahu material’?

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

21st Nov, 2020. 07:52 pm
Saba Qamar

As we all know that Pakistani actress Saba Qamar is quite outspoken and has her limited rules which she follows and also wants others to follow to be a part of her life.

Saba Qamar’s fans, despite knowing her straight-forward attitude, usually asks her about when her marriage or why doesn’t she get married or have some sort of relationship.

However, here’s a shocking secret that why the actress doesn’t believe in arrange marriage and why she actually runs away from such sort of commitments.

The Digest Writer actress revealed that she does not want children. “When people around me discussed their future, no matter how different their plans might be from one another, they always had one thing in common; they saw themselves with a spouse and kids.”

She added that such future plans makes me feel suffocated as I am against such typical commitments.

In a short time after completing her education, Qamar started to fell that the idea of having children doesn’t actually appeal her.

“I realized the idea of having children didn’t really appeal to me. She said that having a husband and children is something every woman must do as this is the only concern in our society.”

“But as I grew up, I discovered other narratives of women who chose to not have children themselves because they too did not feel it was necessary. And that it was okay not to want children”, she added.

Pakistan, where childless couples are pitied, in such a matter the realization that you do not want children is scary, the actress explained.

Does Saba feel easy to discuss such an idea with her parents or future ‘saas’ to be?

Saba believes that the idea that your family’s lineage depends on you procreating is redundant in this age where we live our lives digitally and have curated our personalities online for all time to come.

She says that if any family, who really wants her as their daughter-in-law, will accept her with her beliefs and way of thinking.

How Saba deals with random rishtas and her future plans?

When rishta aunties approach me I just say ‘I don’t want children’ and they disappear in a second, says Qamar, adding in this case, I realize that having an arrange marriage might not be in my cards.

The idea of not having children might put me and my family in an awkward position, she detailed further.

However, leaving the arrange marriage thing behind, Saba Qamar now focuses on a love marriage because she thinks if a person in love can hold her with commitments, then he must accept her ideas even of not having children after marriage.

And if I am interested in a guy myself, I usually do make it a point to ask him about his thoughts and telling him mine, and if our views don’t align, I usually just nip it in the bud, added the Cheenkh starlet.

Qamar further added, “My decision on whether or not I should have children is entirely mine and mine alone.”

She says that this is a decision which she can never change ofr anyone, not even for her husband or family. Because it wouldn’t be fair for Saba Qamar to alter her life in such a drastic way for the happiness of someone else.

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