Stay with those who choose you, Alizeh Shah

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

18th Jan, 2021. 02:30 pm
Alizeh Ehd-e-Wafa

Alizeh Shah, a young actress best known for her role in the popular drama serial “Ehd-e-Wafa”, says that we should live where we are given priority.

Alizeh Shah, has won the hearts of fans by sharing photos and TikTok videos of her latest photo shoots on her social media account.

The starlet recently shared a bold photo to her Instagram account.


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A post shared by Alizeh Shah (@alizehshahofficial)

In the photo, Alizeh Shah is dressed in a western attire and has a soft smile on her face.

Alizeh Shah gave special advice to her fans in the caption of the photo.

“stay where you’re a priority ,
not an option 🥀,” the actress wrote.

Never associate with people for whom you are only an option she said.

Alizeh Shah posted her new photo on Instagram just 22 hours ago, and it has already been liked by more than 199,000 users so far.

It is to be noted that news was circulating on social media last year that Alizeh Shah and actor Noaman Sami have parted ways as both of them had stopped following each other on Instagram.

Noaman sami and Alizeh Shah were seen working together in the drama ‘mera dil mera dushman’ which aired last year.

Alizeh Shah not only acts but also models. She was given an award for best performance in the drama serial ‘Ishq Tamasha’ while her performance in ‘Ehd-e-Wafa’ was also well received.






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