Ushna Shah Shares Her Opinion On Parenting Children

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

02nd Aug, 2021. 11:58 am
Ushna Shah

Pakistani television actress Ushna Shah has said that it is not the job of actors and artists to teach children lessons that their parents themselves failed to teach them.

It should be noted that Ushna Shah is one of the few Pakistani TV actresses who has hit more than two million followers on Instagram, while she herself follows only 916 and she has shared only 1001 posts on Instagram.

The last post shared by her is an excerpt from American and British actor and screenwriter Wentworth Miller.

The text read, “”Entertainers are there to entertain. They aren’t there to teach your children the lessons that you haven’t bothered to teach them at home yourself.”


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Commenting on her post, the actress wrote, “How we live our lives off screen is our business.. and if it’s god enough for the children in our family to see, but not good enough for yours, then take away your children’s Instagram or ban them from our pages.”

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