Kendall Jenner puts her abs on display in this steamy outfit

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

28th Sep, 2021. 12:27 pm
Kendall Jenner

Famed supermodel Kendall Jenner caught a number of eyeballs as she posed in a tiny blue bikini on a speedboat.

Taking to Instagram, she treated her fanbase as she put her abs on display in a steamy outfit while posing on a luxurious speedboat in a backwards baseball cap. “captain kennyyy,” Kendall Jenner captioned the post

Previously, Jenner’s beau Devin Booker revealed he has COVID-19 but declined to share vaccination status.

“Honestly y’all, I’m feeling straight. The only thing I’m dealing with is no taste, no smell, which is the worst part of it,” he said in the Twitch video.

“I’m about a week in. I’mma be back in no time, no time… Having no smell, no taste, it makes your day dry. It makes your day gray. It makes it gray, for real.”

Devin chose not to reveal his vaccination status during the video: “I’m not gonna tell you guys if I have the vaccine or not, but you could still get COVID with the vaccine, for anybody that’s saying that. Educate yourself.”

Earlier, the 25-year-old had revealed the fact that she’s an aunt to a total of 18 nieces and nephews.

She had explained that she always wants “to be the cool aunt and liked by all of them,” but that boyfriend Devin Booker sometimes steals her thunder.

When asked whether the 24-year-old NBA star connects with the little ones in her family, given that there a lot of youngsters.

She replied: “He loves them. He and Stormi have an amazing relationship. She has the biggest crush on him, and I’m jealous sometimes. I’m like, ‘Stop—can you guys not?”

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