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This Lip-Smacking Pakistani Drink Will Keep You Cool During Heatwave

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

18th May, 2021. 04:05 pm
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This Lip-Smacking Pakistani Drink Will Keep You Cool During Heatwave

Sattu drink or sharbat is very beneficial for the body in hot weather which protects against dehydration as well as heat effects.

Sattu is a type of flour that is obtained by roasting different types of grains or grams most often barley or Bengal gram.

The benefits are as follows.

Get rid of Belly Fats

Sattu is rich in protein and needless to say, protein is essential for maintaining body weight, protein helps build muscle while it also keeps the stomach full for a long time. The protein in Sattu also helps in weight loss or fat loss, Sattu also eliminates the problem of bloating and speeds up the metabolism which helps the body to burn calories.

Improving the digestive system

Drinking Sattu drink on an empty stomach helps in overcoming various gastrointestinal problems, it has a cooling effect which reduces the severity of hot weather, while Sattu is rich in fibre which helps in relieving constipation.

Increase physical energy

Sattu contains iron which helps in the growth of red blood cells in the body, which gives the body more oxygen and makes it easier to maintain physical energy throughout the day.

Useful for controlling diabetes

Sattu has a very low glycemic index, which is why it is so useful for diabetics. Its regular use (without sugar or jaggery) controls blood sugar levels, and its syrup is also useful for people with high blood pressure.

How to make Sattu drink or Sharbat

Mix the Sattu in sugar or crushed jaggery and then put the mixture in cold water and mix well, then add a little lemon juice and drink it.

Note: This article is for general information only.


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