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Airstrike cause killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

28th Feb, 2020. 09:22 am
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Airstrike cause killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib

Turkish soldiers were once again targeted in an attack that took place in Idlib province. Syrian “regime forces” caused killing of at least 33 Turkish soldiers in north-western Syria.

Rahmi Dogan, the governor of Turkey’s Hatay province said that more people were wounded in the attack.

According to an international news agency, Turkey is now retaliating against Syrian groups government targets after the killing.

Syrian forces are making attempts to conquer rebels from Idlib.

Turkish President announces Syria summit on March 5

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that he would arrange a summit on March 5 to discuss the ongoing situation in Idlib province in Syria, BOL News reported on 23rd February.

According to the international news agency, President’s Russian, German and French counterparts will also accompany him in the summit.

President Erdogan gave a televised speech after a phone call on Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He said in the speech, “We are going to meet on 5 March,”

Emmanuel Macron called for a summit on Syria with Russia, Germany, and Turkey to be held “as soon as possible” to avoid destruction in Idlib.

Macron said after an EU conference in Brussels, “We must have a meeting as soon as possible with Germany, Russia, and Turkey in the so-called Istanbul format”.

Emmanuel Macron has announced after the UN warned on Friday that unrest in Idlib could result in a bloodbath.

The French president said to international media, “Russian-backed Syrian forces continue to advance in the Idlib region of north-western Syria, despite calls to halt this offensive,”

“It risks causing a humanitarian disaster, an escalation of the conflict and a migration crisis,

Turkey informed that two of its soldiers died in northwestern Syria in an airstrike.

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