Reasons for US Failure in Afghanistan Are Arrogance And Lies: Experts

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

30th Jul, 2021. 04:53 pm
Reasons for US Failure in Afghanistan Are Arrogance And Lies: Experts

US experts are busy gathering reasons for the failure of the war in Afghanistan. According to them, pride, arrogance, lies and self-deception can be the main reasons.

U.S. experts in international affairs believe that in the context of the Vietnam War experience, the United States did not see good luck in Afghanistan either.

These experts believe that many internal and external issues paved the way for the failure of Afghanistan’s two-decade-long war.

Data from U.S. Forces-Afghanistan (USFOR-A) shows Taliban-initiated attacks have increased significantly since the signing of the U.S.-Taliban agreement of February 2020.

John Sopko, inspector general of the US Office for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan, says that when the withdrawal of US troops is completed on August 31, it will be left behind by a corrupt and discouraged army facing a Taliban offensive.

Loss Of Eighty-Six Billion Dollars In Twenty Years

John Sopko believes that the Afghan National Army will easily bow to the militants because they have a severe lack of morale.

He also says that the United States spent 86 billion dollars during its stay in Afghanistan and spent 20 years but nothing was achieved.

Sopko has been mandated by the US Congress to oversee military and development affairs. “America’s failure in the war in Afghanistan can be described in two words, one is arrogance and the other is lies,” he told reporters on Thursday (July 29th).

Arrogance And Lies

John Sopko says the United States entered a country that was in a state of disarray in 2001 and then exaggerated. According to Sopko, the situation was exaggerated in front of Congress and the American people.

He has involved all generals, ambassadors and officials in exaggerating. According to Sopko, efforts were made from time to time to strengthen the US military to achieve short-term goals, and the destination was repeatedly determined.

Sopko said efforts to establish a strong central government in Afghanistan continued and that it was a mistake. He said that if Afghan affairs experts had been asked, they would have called the attempt a mistake, but they were not consulted.

The War Was Lost

Carter Malkasian, who works in Afghanistan and is a senior Pentagon official, says there is no doubt that the war has been lost.

He has written this in a new book. According to Malkasian, the Taliban in Afghanistan have shown more courage in fighting foreigners and people believed that the Kabul government was dependent on foreigners.

He added that there was a realization that the US presence was tantamount to stepping on Afghan identity and encouraged locals to resist.

Malkasian also says that the nation’s commitment to defending the homeland is like a religious foundation and has a long history of fighting against foreigners.

The former senior official said the United States believed that defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan was possible and that a government could be formed, although this was not possible.


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