Weather Forecast for Dubai, UAE

Weather Forecast for Dubai, UAE

Weather Forecast for Dubai, UAE

Weather Forecast for Dubai, UAE



The current temperature in Dubai is 16°C, indicating a relatively mild temperature.


Dubai is experiencing sunny weather, indicating clear skies and abundant sunshine.



The RealFeel® temperature is recorded at 18°C, representing the perceived temperature, which may feel slightly warmer than the actual temperature due to factors like humidity and wind.

RealFeel Shade™:

The RealFeel Shade™ temperature is 16°C, indicating the perceived temperature when in the shade.

Max UV Index:

The maximum UV index is 2, categorized as “Low,” suggesting a low risk of harm from sun exposure.



The wind is blowing from the east (E) at a gentle speed of 7 km/h.

Wind Gusts:

The maximum gusts of wind observed in Dubai are up to 7 km/h.


The relative humidity in Dubai is 58%, indicating a moderate level of moisture present in the air.


Indoor Humidity:

The indoor humidity level is 45%, considered ideal for comfort.

Dew Point:

The dew point is 8°C, indicating the temperature at which air becomes saturated with water vapor, leading to dew formation.


The atmospheric pressure is stable and measured at 1017 millibars (mb), suggesting consistent weather conditions.


Cloud Cover:

Dubai experiences 0% cloud cover, indicating clear skies without any significant cloud formation.


Objects can be seen clearly up to a distance of 16 km, providing excellent visibility for outdoor activities and travel.

Cloud Ceiling:

The height of the cloud base above ground level is 12200 m, suggesting that clouds are not present at lower altitudes in the atmosphere.

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