Charna Island: WWF Warns Of Serious Bleaching Of Corals

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

27th Nov, 2020. 08:30 pm
Charna Island: WWF Warns Of Serious Bleaching Of Corals

Coral reefs are an important part of the marine ecosystem and are home to aquatic life. Coral reefs are considered more important than the forests of Africa and Latin America in terms of biodiversity and productivity. But due to climate change, coral reefs in Pakistan are turning white and dying.

In the Arabian Sea, near the island of Charna, there are long coral reefs, but now they are in grave danger. This process is called coral bleaching which is badly affecting the nurseries of many marine animals as these rocks are rapidly turning white. Large white portions of these rocks have been observed in the northeastern part of Charna Island.

WWF Pakistan divers have seen the process and released videos and photos of it. Rising sea temperatures due to industrial activity could also cause these coral reefs to turn white. There is also a single point moat for handling thermal power plants, oil refineries, petroleum and oil products around Charna Island. Marine pollution, Industrial activities and nets released into the sea are a threat to the Charna island’s biodiversity. Not only that, but there are also plans to build a liquefied petroleum gas terminal around Charna Island.

Experts say marine pollution, industrial activity and are a threat to the Charna island’s biodiversity.

Rising ocean temperatures are affecting marine life and growth factors.

There is a thermal power plant, an oil refinery around Charna Island, these activities are a serious threat to the biodiversity of this island, the government should give Charna Island the status of Marine Protected Area.

According to experts, most of the proteins in the human diet are obtained only from marine life. Saving coral reefs is also important for human life.

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