Snapchat Will Now Let You Recover Your Deleted Memories

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

27th Nov, 2020. 03:42 pm
Snapchat: Recover Your Deleted Memories

Users can now recover their deleted memories from the popular image-sharing app, Snapchat.

Moreover, memories can only be recovered if they are in the save section of Snapchat. So, here are various ways to access your deleted collection of images.

Use Recoverit Software

Clients can now make use of another trustworthy tool, Recoverit for Snapchat Data Recovery. The new technology will help users recover anything from the internal as well as an external drive. The users incorporating the software can even preview the data with its date.

Place A Connection Between Android & Computer

Your data can be recovered from the android device so use a reference device by attaching it with an Android device together with its SD card for storage. Before beginning the recovery process, make sure that your smartphone functions as an external device and can remember the computer.

  1. Select the required External Computer.
  2. Choose your Android mobile device as the target location from the drop-down list. Click the “Start” key and enable the scanning process to begin with the app
  3. It will search for the complete location to locate the targeted data after initiating the scanning process.
  4. Now use the option of preview followed by recovering all the required data.

Use Google via Android

  1. Open a web browser and check out the official homepage of Google Images, or allow the computer synchronization feature. Follow the steps below to restore lost photos from Snapchat via a Google account
  2. Open your Gmail account on the computer. Start locating the images on Google cloud.
  3. If you find the photographs then initiate the downloading process on your computer. Once the data is retrieved then it can be transferred to your android device.
  4. However, if the users want to use an android phone for the same process then they can select the archives section of the goggle photos.
  5. If somehow you are not able to locate the images then visit the trash section.
  6. Moreover, all the photographs that need to be recovered can be selected, and thereby “Recover” option must be pressed.

Use The Device Cache of Android

By clearing the cache section one can also recover the deleted images from Snapchat. Access the file system by using the Explorer app or file manager. Users can also visit for a detailing view.

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