I’ve never had a boyfriend, says Hareem shah

Raba NoorWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 06:49 pm
Hareem shah marriage

The Pakistani TikTok star and social media sensation Hareem shah said that she never had a boyfriend before her marriage.

Recently, she took to Instagram, she shared a video message in which she appeals to her fans and people on social media in general, to not associate her with random people after news broke she had married a PPP leader.

Take a look at her video:

“I would like to clearly let ask everyone to stop linking me up with just anyone. Prior to this, I had no boyfriend and had not been in a relationship with anyone. Promoting someone from one’s ID or making promotional videos for someone does not mean you are in a relationship with said person. I have had no relationships with anyone, so please stop sharing random people’s pictures with mine,” Hareem said in the video.

“If you have ever seen me in a video with someone else, the sole purpose was their promotion. There was nothing else going on there, and if there’s was I would have accepted it. I had previously clarified that there was no such person in my life that I was interested in or with whom I would want to have a relationship. There was no such thing in the past, and now that there is, I have accepted it,” she added.

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