A unique Pakistani family with the same date of birth on 1st August

Raba NoorWeb Editor

18th Jul, 2021. 06:57 pm
unique Pakistani family

The date of birth is 1st August, the Marriage date is 1st August, and the date of birth of the wife and 7 children is 1st August. The family of Amir Ali Mangi of Larkana was included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to Amir Ali Mangi, his date of birth is August 1, while the date of birth of his wife and 7 children is also August 1. These children include 4 twins who were born on August 1.

Coincidentally, Amir Ali Mangi was also married on August 1.

It is the only family in the world to be born on the same date, followed by India, which has five families born on the same date.

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