Komal Rizvi gives explanation on viral photo with Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab

Raba NoorWeb Editor

08th Jul, 2021. 11:13 pm
Abdul Sattar Edhi

Pakistani singer and actress Komal Rizvi, along with well-known social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi, explained the picture that went viral in the past.

According to details, Komal Rizvi recently attended a program where she mentioned of a picture that went viral a few years ago.

“It’s about the time when Abdul Sattar Edhi was in the hospital for dialysis. He was very ill, so I thought I’d see him once before it’s too late,” she said.

The singer said that “On reaching there, Edhi Sahab’s son asked me to sing the song “Lambi Judaai” if you don’t mind. When I sang the song, he took a selfie with me.”

“After that, I got courage so i asked Edhi Sahab for a selfie.” she further said

Komal said that Edhi Sahab’s eye was closed in one picture and I immediately posted all those pictures on social media accounts. The next morning my brother calls me and he said to delete that selfie.

“I flatly refused because I did nothing wrong,” she said.

However, after the incident, the photos went viral on social media on which thousands of users made memes.

“I cried for two or three days because of this trolling, but my father told me that you are in this industry for so many years and you should be thankful that your scandal is made with Edhi Sahab.” she concluded

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