On our TV, a woman is shown crying, poor or as a villain, says Armeena khan

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

29th Aug, 2021. 04:36 pm

Karachi: Actress Armeena khan says that on our TV, a woman is shown crying, poor or as a villain.

In an interview to a foreign Urdu website, Armeena khan said that “ TV is a means of training people but we are not using it properly, on our TV channel a woman is crying, poor or as a villain. As shown, we should show the roles of strong women in our dramas because today women are working in every sphere of life. It will bring positive change to society. A lot of problems can be solved if positive things are shown Crying characters will rarely be done.”

Armeena Khan further said that “a few stories are being shown again and again. We have seen two hundred similar stories. So the rating will not come, it is a very old concept, now it should be done. Now people are saying stop, but the playwrights are not listening. They think this kind of drama will be a hit.”

Criticizing her acting on social media, Armeena Khan said that she is a self-made actress, not part of any team, she has always got a job on merit, she will get a good job and will continue to do so. “I don’t care, when you start your career with a big cast and you are playing your role properly, you are still opposed because people don’t want to leave their place, a lot of articles against me. Written but when I read them I understand what it is, many people on social media criticize me from accounts that have no followers” concluded the Bin Roye actress.

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