Herschelle Gibbs: Mohammad Amir is a wonderful competitor

Suhaib Ahmed

16th Aug, 2021. 11:42 pm
Herschelle Gibbs: Mohammad Amir is an wonderful competitor

Former Pakistan pacer, Mohammad Amir, is known to have awe-struck some big names in the cricket world. His sudden retirement from the international format created a huge disturbance in the cricket world. Former South African ace batsman Herschelle Gibbs opened up on his feelings about Amir.

He added that Amir is a wonderful competitor and what he brings to the table is truly special. Herschelle worked in close quarters with Amir while he coached Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He stated that Amir always tried to deliver his best and no one apart from him can understand his art of bowling.

In an interview, Herschelle said, “He [Mohammad Amir] is a wonderful bowler. I have gotten to know him now. Obviously, I played against him years ago. I always thought that he was something special. He was in the wilderness for some years. No one understands his art of bowling as well as he does. He is an unbelievable competitor. I have seen that firsthand with the Karachi Kings. He takes a lot of pride in his bowling. He always gives it his best at 120 percent every game that he plays,”

Herschelle said, ” You can see Amir’s determination when he plays cricket”.

Herschelle also highlights one special quality of the bowler as he said that Amir is self-motivated, no matter in which conditions he is playing, he shows a great sense of professionalism and always gives the best to every team he is playing with. Herschelle stated that he has a lot of respect and admiration for Amir.

He concluded, “You can see his determination when he plays his cricket. He is exceptionally skillful in any condition. He doesn’t need the motivation to bring out the best in him. He is an exceptional professional cricketer. He gives his all to the team. I have a lot of praise and a lot of respect with regards to the skills that he offers to the team. He is a team man,”.


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