Our government has started a fight against corruption, says PM Khan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

07th Aug, 2020. 07:15 pm

While addressing the civil officers of Punjab province including secretaries of administrative departments, commissioners, deputy commissioners, regional police officers, PM khan talked about corruption and how to deal with it today via video link.

Chief Minister Punjab, Chief Secretary and IG Punjab were also present during the address.

Talking about the economical situation of Pakistan, Imran Khan highlighted how much the country is in debt and how it has affected different resources projects.

“Pakistan faced a difficult economic situation. The economy is burdened with debt. Due to which there was a lack of required resources for education, health, and development projects,” said PM Khan.

Moving forward, PM Khan told the attendees how corruption has infected Pakistan. He underscored the importance of tackling the corrupts to save the country before they get out of hand. He said,

“Corruption has also severely damaged the economy. That is why our government started a jihad against corruption. Corruption always starts from the upper and elite class.”

He went on to say,

“Examples of Pakistan’s development were given in the sixties.  This country is ours. Our life and death are in this country. The system has to be fixed for future generations. Improving governance is essential for national development.”

Focusing on the development of the economic sector, Imran Khan emphasized investing in the construction sector as it will provide job opportunities to many unemployed poor people.

“Currently, the most important sector for economic development in the country is construction. This will create employment opportunities. I hope you will play an important role in promoting the construction sector in your area. Make public service your motto,” said the premier.

Giving reference to the State of Madinah law’s rule, Imran Khan said to follow the same footsteps as them to make progress in the country.

“The state of Madinah had the rule of law, protection of the weaker sections, and promotion of education. We can make progress by following these golden principles. Officers have the most important role to play in achieving this goal.”

During the conference, Imran Khan urged people to have sympathy with poor people and help him to end corruption from Pakistan.

“Have sympathy for the poor man. Eliminate police station culture. There is no room for corruption and incompetence. Introduce a system of punishment and retribution in the departments to improve performance.”

He concluded by paying tribute to all the Punjab administration for controlling coronavirus and its effects on the economy of the country as well as, encouraged officers who are working on merit.

“I pay tribute to the Punjab administration for taking effective measures during the corona pandemic. There will be no political pressure on you. Work on the Merit. I am with every officer who will work on merit.”

It is pertinent to mention here that Imran Khan on Friday met Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and discussed the matters pertaining to the provincial development.

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