How to Find Number of SIMs Registered Against Your CNIC?

Amna QuddusiWeb Editor

17th Nov, 2020. 01:51 pm
Find Number of SIMs

If you’re wondering what is the way to know the number of SIMs being used on your CNIC. Then you are just a step away to find it.

It is essential to enlist your SIMs against your CNIC that you are using and block the ones which are not in use. By doing so you’ll be able to secure yourself from getting engaged in any criminal behavior.

Two Ways To Know The Number Of SIMs

It is crucial to understand that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is taking strict actions against all those whose SIMs are involved in criminal activities. So, as the government has tightened its protection policy it is important to be careful about the registered number of SIMs on your name.

Step 1: Visit The Official Website

The first step is to visit the website and put in the required information.

Click the submit button after putting your CNIC number. The website will provide you the details about the number of total SIMs registered on your CNIC.

Step 2: Send A Text Message

The second way is by typing the figure of CNIC excluding the dashes or spaces and send it to 668. After sending the message you’ll receive the details of the registered SIMs along with their company.

However, if you identify any number that is issued under your name and you don’t use it. Then call customer service or visit the franchise along with your original CNIC to block it.

As per the new policies PTA has suggested everyone ought to be vigilant on the number of SIMs issued in their name. The purpose behind this is to ensure the protection of individuals from any criminal behavior.

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