What Food Pakistanis Love To Have The Most In Sehri & Iftar?

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

15th Apr, 2021. 08:23 pm
Pakistanis favourite food for Sehri and Iftar

The effervescent moments of the great magnanimity of the holy month of Ramadan have arrived once again and wherever there are Muslims in the corners of the world, the table of bliss and blessings have arranged everywhere, with fasting, prostrations, supplications to Allah and recitations of the Qur’an.

In order to remain energetic from dawn to sunset, you need to consume a healthy diet in sehri and iftar. However, in this article, we have a survey report which details what food Pakistanis love to have during the holy month.

So far, the best dish is fruit chaat, as 55% of the participants said they preferred it over anything else. This was closely followed by 52% loving pakoras, while 24% chose samosas/rolls, 16% for dahi baray, 4% for chanay, 2% for jalaibee, and 2% preferring a full-fledged meal.

Pakistanis favourite food for Iftar

On the other hand, 72% opted for curry, 50% roti, 48% paratha, 13% omelette, 13% khajla/pheni, 9% butter/margarine, 6% rice, and 2% yoghurt in Sehri.

Pakistanis favourite food for Sehri

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